Valpak Blue Envelope

Let our Blue Envelope help turn Your Business Green

The Valpak blue envelope is a co-op direct mail advertising vehicle for businesses that are committed to growth!

  • Mailing Areas & Map

    Find your best prospects from 290,000 homes in the Greater Austin area or 45 million homes across North America with our cooperative direct mail envelope.

  • Valpak Annex Areas

    Reach outside the Greater Austin area to more than 3 million homes nationwide with our Valpak Annex Envelope.

  • Valpak Dates & Deadlines

    The Valpak of Austin envelope is mailed to 290,000 Austin area homes each month. Our in-home dates are optimized for maximum results.

  • Ad Gallery

    Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what a Valpak ad could look like. We offer a variety of formats and complete customization, so don’t worry if you want something slightly different.

  • Advertising Options

    Ads in the Valpak envelope come in a variety of size and color options. Whatever your business, Valpak has a format to meet your needs and budget.

  • Get Started

    Contact us now for a quote!