Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking Components

  • Valpak Print
  • Call Tracking Number (optional)
  • Digital Package
  • Performance Tracking Site

How does Performance Tracking work?

It all starts with The Blue Envelope. The Valpak print insert contains a unique call tracking number as well as a unique URL which is observed for actions. Actions are described as consumer calls to the call tracking number via Marchex, traffic to the unique URL via Google Analytics, as well as activity on the client’s Business Profile Page for

Why a Unique URL?

The unique URL directs to the client’s BPP Landing Page on or to a stand-alone website. The URL is created to measure the actions of the Valpak consumer when directed from a Valpak print piece or, if the URL doesn’t direct to the client’s BPP Landing Page, from Based on the client’s website and needs for the campaign, there are three avenues for directing unique URL traffic.