Mailing List Options

Let us help you choose the best mailing list option to reach the most customers for the least money.

Carrier-Route Saturated Mailing List

Also known as a Resident list. This lost contains all the residential addresses in a given geographical area. The most common is the ZIPCR (Zip Code Carrier Route). The list is ordered with Walk Sequence appended and therefore qualifies for the highest Postal discount available. This is typically not a name=specific list and mails with a title like of RESIDENT, TO OUR FRIENDS AT, etc.

Targeted Consumer Mailing List

This type of list is made up of anyone you want to target and is name-specific. These lists use demographics to target prospects by age, gender, homeownership, income level, and number of children, which means you can be very specific about who you want to target. There are hundreds of demographics to choose from. Response lists include those who have responded to companies that offer similar products to your business. Opt-in lists are ideal because individuals have asked to be on them. The can be more expensive but ROI is generally higher. Segmented lists are even more targeted than demographic ones; they target clients based on granular data like spending and saving habits, reading preferences, and vacation/travel patterns.

Targeted Business Mailing List

This list is comprised of business addresses only. These records can be chosen by business type.

Client or “House” Mailing List

A list you have created yourself from current and past customers, as well as anyone who has contacted your business. House lists have the advantage of being warm prospects with definite interest and trust in you. Client lists must be run through NCOA (National Change of Address) processing very 95 days in order to mail. If not the mail piece must be addressed to <John Doe OR CURRENT RESIDENT>.